Promises to a sweet old lady…

31 Mar

   I was driving yesterday…just going to the grocery store.  I needed buns for some meatball “sangwhiches”.  As I passed by a local rehab/elderly care facility…I noticed an sweet lilttle old lady…walking thru the parking lot and then into the busy street.  I pulled over immediately and got out.  She was wearing a sleeveless nightgown and slippers (it was freezing cold out)…and tho she wore a lovely smile…it was also the facial expression of someone that had lost their faculties.  I introduced myself and asked her where she was going…and she told me that she was going to California to visit her brother (via Detroit, I guess).  I told her that if she got into my car, I would take her there.  She looked at me for a few minutes, deciding whether or not I was a worthy travel partner.  Then she agreed, and offered to give me money for gas.  I helped her into the car and pulled up to the door of a care facility.  There were 2 ambulances at the front entrance, and I supposed things had gotten busy and she had just slipped by them.  I found myself thinking that if this was my mother…I would want someone to make sure she was safe.  I found a nurse, who came out to the car to bring my new friend back to her old room.  She kept telling the nurse that I promised to take her to her brother in California.  She looked broken hearted.  I felt miserable that I couldn’t fulfill my promise to her.  Then I consoled myself with the fact that she probably didn’t even have a brother in California….and if she did…he was probably gone to his reward by now.  I told myself that she was probably on her way to the cafeteria and a nice big serving of Jello. It didn’t make me feel much better.  At least she was safe.  I moved on then…to fresh buns…and my “meatball sangwhich”.   A sandwhich like that could make any situation better, right?


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3 responses to “Promises to a sweet old lady…

  1. burntd0g

    April 14, 2012 at 8:57 PM

    At the moment, my son is running around the house naked. My wife is insisting I do something about it this supposed ‘crisis.’. And I will. But befoire I do, I will leave a note that I look forward to catching up on this articulate blog a bit later this evening, when he is asleep!

  2. burntd0g

    April 15, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    “I felt miserable that I couldn’t fulfill my promise to her.” – Ah, but you’d done so much for her already, much more than most of us would likely do.

    What if you could just make a promise such as the one you made to this fortunate old gal, then use that promise as the ticket to a new adventure? How might that have gone? It’s fun to think about: You buy the woman a plane ticket, you fly to any arbitrary airport in California (not Fresno – don’t go to Fresno), disembark to find the woman’s brother. What adventures follow from that? Hm, you’ve made me think sentimental thoughts, karynromanski. Now I can’t be productive today. Thank you 😉

    • karynromanski

      April 15, 2012 at 12:19 PM

      HAHAHAHA! You kill me. Don’t feel bad…I’m not being that productive today either! As a former resident of Cali…I prob wouldn’t go to Fresno either! I should have left on a jet plane with the old Lady tho…what if her brother was Tony Bennett or something??????


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