Confessions of my guilty pleasures…

01 Mar

  Ok… so maybe the title of the post made you read on.  It’s really not as spicy as you might have hoped for.  It was more of a realization for me.  I was talking to one of my friends today about comfort food…and what we would choose.    I realized, that with all of the gourmet recipes I’ve tried…with all of the indulgent, butter-laden goodness that I have whipped up over the years….that my true comfort food/guilty pleasure…is really Lucky Charms.  This is a confession.  Treat it as such.

As a kid, I loved them.  I always got to have them because I would actually eat the cereal AND the marshmallows, unlike my brother Gregg…who spent 40 minutes at the breakfast table picking out the marshmallows with his spoon and leaving a bowl full of sugared white flour cereal bits, which in our day…was the “healthy” part.

As an adult…whenever I had a really bad time in my life…a big Jethro Bodine sized bowl of Lucky Charms always made me feel a bit better.  By the second mammouth bowl…I would be downright giddy.   I told myself, “sometimes you just have to do what you can to get thru…”  which made complete sense to me.  Now I truly believe it was the sugar coma talking…

Which brings me to todays conversation.  I realized that even though I peek at the box thru tear-filled eyes each and every time I walk down the cereal aisle in Kroger…I refuse to bring this addicition into my home.

I haven’t had Lucky Charms in 5 years, although the last 5 years have been a huge struggle for me, I have found refuge in other things…baklava, macaroni and cheese…Sanders bump cake, etc.

With the new addition of new shapes and colors of the marshmallows, my fight continues.   One day at a time.

Shame on you General Mills.

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